Hi! I’m a PhD candidate in the Philosophy Department and the Assistant Director of the Center for Comparative Philosophy (CCP) at Duke University. I have philosophy degrees from Oxford University (BPhil) and Yonsei University (BA and MA).

나 사진 원본I mainly work in ethics, moral psychology, and social and political philosophy. My philosophical journey has been an endeavor to harmonize virtue and happiness in a good human life, with a focus on the interpersonal and social aspects. “What are the virtues that constitute the flourishing life of social beings like ourselves?” This question naturally led to my PhD dissertation, Filial Piety and the Virtues of Personal Relationshipswhich aims both to shed light on the nature of filial piety as what I call ‘relational virtue’ and to explain the nature and distinctive value of intimate personal relationships. Having good relationships with our intimates such as family members and friends is an important part of our happiness and living a good human life. The relationship with our parents would be a paradigmatic example of an important intimate personal relationship. A good parent-child relationship would be one in which the child is filial and the parent is parental. What is filial piety? What is its normative ground? These are the main research questions of my dissertation.

I also work on the nature and value of individual virtues for a good human life. My paper, Modesty as an Executive Virtue (forthcoming in American Philosophical Quarterly), is one example. I will continue my research on neglected and elusive virtues such as parentalness, gratitude, courage, and forgiveness, as well as vices such as indecision, irascibleness, and indifference.

My email address is sungwoou@gmail.com