%eb%82%98I’m a PhD candidate in the Philosophy Department and an assistant director of the Center for Comparative Philosophy (CCP) at Duke University. I have philosophy degrees from Oxford University (BPhil) and Yonsei University (BA and MA).

I mainly work in ethics, virtue theory, and moral psychology. My philosophical journey has been an endeavor to harmonize virtue and happiness in a good human life. This is why I have focused on examining the relationship between them and investigating the nature of particular virtues such as modesty or trustfulness. In paper, “Modesty as an Executive Virtue (forthcoming in American Philosophical Quarterly), I argue that  modesty is an executive virtue with an appropriate evaluative attitude at its center. 

Currently I am working on my PhD dissertation, “Filial Piety and the Virtues of Personal Relationships,” which aims both to shed light on the nature of filial piety as a relational virtue and to explain the nature and distinctive value of intimate personal relationships. This reflects my fundamental belief that large part of my happiness comes from the intimate personal relationships I share with my family and friends. I believe such partial aspects of human life have irreplaceable ethical value and thus cannot be simply overridden by impartial morality. To solve the puzzle of partiality and personal relationships, I attempt to develop the notion of relational virtue, by which I mean a virtue required for an individual as a participant of some personal relationship, such as filial piety, parentalness, or friendliness.

My email address is sungwoou@gmail.com