Books HD


In Defense of Razian Liberal Perfectionism”(2012)in The Korean Journal of Ethics Vol. 1, No. 1

Taking Pleasure in Acting Virtuously” (2010) in The Journal of Philosophical Ideas Vol. 37

Intending as a Means and Foreseeing with Certainty” (2009) in The Journal of Philosophical Ideas Vol. 34

“Abelard’s Semantic Turn in the Problems of Universals 보편자 논쟁에 있어 아벨라르두스의 의미론적 전회” (2009) in The Catholic Philosophy No. 12

“The Limit of Practical Rationality” (2008) in Yonsei Academic Journal No.47



Mill on Utilitarianism (Routledge Philosophy Guidebooks) (2007) by Roger Crisp into Korean, <밀의 공리주의> (철학과 현실사) (2014)

Works in Progress

“Solving the Puzzle of Partiality”

“Modesty and Self-Evaluation”

“Friendship and Epistemic Partiality”

“Trustfulness as a Risky Virtue”

“Mozi on Inclusive Care and Filiality”

“Rousseau on Human Nature: Pity and Amour-Propre

“Virtue, Virtuous Activity, and Moral Self-Indulgence”

“Virtue Ethics and Self-Effacingness”

“Kant on Virtue and Moral Pleasure”