Main Instructor

Duke University

Logic: Spring 2017, Fall 2017 (scheduled)

Introduction to Philosophy: Summer 2016, Fall 2016, and Summer 2017 (scheduled)


Sample Syllabus (Intro)

Sample Syllabus (Logic)

Guest Lecturer

“Confucianism in Korea” Spring 2017

Teaching Assistant (TA)

1) Yonsei University

History of Western Ethics (for Myung-shin Kang), Fall 2007

Ethics (for Hyung Chul Kim), Spring 2008

Applied Ethics (for Hyung Chul Kim), Fall 2008

Contemporary Ethics (for Hyung Chul Kim), Spring 2009

2) Duke University

Information, Society and Culture (for Orlin Vakarelov), Fall 2014

History of Ancient Philosophy (for Michael Ferejohn), Spring 2015

Composing the Internship Experience: Digital Rhetoric and Social Media Discourse (for Denise Comer), Summer 2015 (Full-online course)

Introduction to Philosophy (for Alex Rosenberg), Fall 2015

Chinese Philosophy (for David Wong), Spring 2016


Writing Tutor, Thomson Writing Program at Duke University, Fall 2014-Spring 2015

Philosophy Tutor,

Eagle Tutoring Program, Yousei University

Philosophy of Kant, Spring 2005

History of Ethics, Fall 2007

XXII WCP 2008 Seminar

Introduction to Philosophy, Spring 2008